“Ruto tutamumaliza”….Murathe teams up with Gideon moi to finish Ruto

David Murathe

Chris Osman

In the event that there  is any individual who raised the counter  anti-Ruto agenda  is the Former Jubilee Vice Chairperson David Murathe.

Murathe after his  divorce  with other Jubilee pioneers particularly from Team Tangatanga reported his new task, that of stopping  the Deputy President William Ruto from clinching the tools of power come 2022.

His political rivalry on the  Ruto mission has come to at an exceptionally basic stage where Murathe has the guts to call Ruto a hoodlum.

In the new revelation by Tiaty MP William Kamket ,Murathe has simply stolen the  balls and unsurprisingly he is now closely working with Baringo Senator Gideon Moi for the 2022 presidential bid.

“Murathe is a very intelligent politician I’m sure anybody would like to have him as a friend,” kamket claimed

Deputy president William ruto has in the past been accused of engaging in early political campaigns but he has continued to defy all odds as the 2022 presidential race continue to heat up. Addressing his followers in his native kalenjin language Ruto said that his bid for being the next president is unstoppable.

Deputy president William Ruto

“No one should ever threaten or mislead you. Instead, we should unite so we can take over the leadership of this country.” Said Ruto

“You plan for today and the future … And that is why when we go for these public rallies, they [MPs] say we are in Jubilee and organised for tomorrow. Is there a problem with that?” Ruto asked amid cheers.

He further asked: “Do you know the date of going to heaven? But you have faith that we are going to heaven? So with this 2022 which we know the date, the week and the month, is there a problem when we plan?” 

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