Confidential conversations between Otile Brown and his “side chick” that made him break up with his Ethiopian lover

Otile Brown and Nabbi

Kenya´s sensational singer Otile Brown and his Ethiopian lover Nabayet are believed to have parted ways over cheating allegations by his lover.

According to the leaked screenshots and conversations, Otile could be the source of a bigger problem that cost him the beatiful Ethiopian favorite.

sources shared convos between otile brown and his side chics that forced Nabayet to leave.

You actually in my city


Otile brown wakes up the next morning and says:

Hey. Whatchu up to.

Hey, just reached home from work.

Oh okay. You coming? Sorry past our last night.

Will you be asleep this time round 

The two continued with their conversation as seen below:

This city is boring can´t wait to leave. And never fudge a nigga for being real.
Haha I feel you. You could´ve gone to a bigger city like cologne.
WDYM. Lol I came last time, we knocked 1000 times on ya door. You were asleep fam.
Coz you xame late. I don´t think you stay that close and if yes then as usual y´all ladies take time with ya preparation.

in addition:

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