court DenieS JOWIE second bail application


Mr Joseph Irungu, who has been charged with the murder of Monicah Kimani alongside her fiancé Jacque Maribe, will remain in custody after a judge rejected his application to be released on bail. This is the

second time that Mr Irungu aka Jowie request for bail has been rejected by Justice James Wakiaga. The judge said the application was still premature and that the reasons advanced by Mr Irungu were not enough to warrant his release on bail.

Justice Wakiaga also directed that the four witnesses under protection will testify first, when the trial starts next week. In the application for bail, Mr Irungu said he was no longer a flight risk since his travel documents were deposited in court.

He also said he cannot interfere with witnesses because they are under witness protection and investigations are complete. He further said his siblings were willing to get him accommodation.

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