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So recently I had my weight checked and walked home thinking really hard. I felt overweight like everyone knew how much weight I had on. Surprisingly, you never will notice when I have added weight, though mum does. It begins with the not able to bend issue, bloated tummy all the time and my right leg hurting.

So Travel picks up the call and I tell him of my sudden weight gain, 4 Kgs within two weeks! It sounds impossible but yes it happened. For the two weeks I was really over myself, eating junk, stressed about things that I really could solve them myself but let fear over power me.

You know fear has no power, it drains the power from your strength and you feel so drained. This are the days I burry my head in a bag of chevda or fries.

‘’You need to eat well. You know heart conditions flourish in such diets, be cautious.’’

‘’But my blood pressure is okay,’’ I say

‘’Pressure isn’t an issue, blood cholesterol is!  These junk foods bring cancer; remember most of these foods are not organic. Take diet seriously, fast food and carbonated drinks are a no go zone! Fast foods keep them when it’s impossible to cook or when you have that unavoidable craving.. Every other day routine is the wrong option.’’

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At this time am having my hormones craving for weird things like bread and Fanta orange. You all know the sweetness in this; kwanza when it’s a block super loaf bread! Oh Savior!  I feel he is pushing me to my limits but then I know he wants the best for me.

A minute later after all this talk am tempted to take a sausage and well, I do it. Me and food temptations we are not good,  I need a cane guy to follow me and slash me every time I am tempted to visit the chevda or sausage  row in stores!

Anyway, I took his talk serious and I think if I want to look Oprah Winfrey good in my fifties, I better watch on my health. I thought of a diet routine which I begged Travel  to help me  come up with it, you know what he said, ‘’you got to eat normal food dear, organic food. ‘’

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Oh dear! This guy never offers me short cuts to anything yet he knows them all. In short, health is wealth. Once you look at how much you spend on hospitals, the time you use in and out of them, the restrictions you are given, the swallowing of meds, its just not worth it. If health is going to end up like this, make sure it’s not about your diet.

Two months ago the junk idea really hit me hard when I got unexplained tummy pains that made me quit on eating ‘’smokies’’, that’s how I ended up eating sausages as if it was a better option but no, pork will make you look piggy if eaten every day. You know what I mean.

Get some organic meals also low on card diet. I know am not helping you on this weight loss thing so far, I just started too and I think you should know you are not alone. Don’t punish your body so hard with fasting you know like ‘’fasting and furious’’! It will come back once you drop the fasting.

Ease your body metabolizing, let it have a good time absorbing what you eat. Let your blood flush in and out of the heart singing, I meant you end up being happy and feeling good all day. I will let you know what other weight routine I will take since there are no gyms around me.


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