DCI warns kenyans on sharing bank pin numbers amid increase in Mpesa fraud

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI-kenya) has arrested a suspected mastermind of a fraud circle, which robs unsuspecting Kenyans of their bank deposits through ATM machines.

Robert Mwaura Mwita reportedly runs a theft ring that includes bank ATM guards, who withdraw money from the machines using codes generated by Mwita.

“Upon withdrawing the money conned from unsuspecting members of the public, the said guards have been taking their agreed upon portion and sending the rest to Mwaura,” the DCI said while sharing the video evidence.

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In the video, a security guard belonging to Radar Security Services is seen punching a code that he is reading from his mobile phone and shortly after, the Family Bank ATM machine discharges Ksh5000 and a receipt.

In the background, his accomplice inquires whether the transaction has been successful and advises him to pull out the receipt.

The DCI has identified the two guards in the video as Stanley Nyakundi and Godfrey Masinde Simiyu.

According to the DCI,the two had sent over Ksh2.2 million to Mwaura in the month of September alone.

In the recent past, bank clients have complained of unexplained movement of funds from their accounts, with suspicion that those with large amounts of money in their accounts do not even notice the theft of small amounts such as the one shown in the video.

It is believed that bank employees are also involved in the fraud schemes, since they have access to confidential client information.

With technological advancements, individuals are now able to link their bank accounts and M-pesa accounts.

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