deputy president william ruto says he will continue supporting the church


Deputy President William Ruto has again hit out at his haters who have been against his church Contributions.

While attending a church service in Turkana, Ruto said that he will not stop supporting and fundraising for the church. He further added saying that supporting the church is not an option but a command.

This time while supporting his statement with the correct Bible verse quoted saying that it is written that whenever there is an opportunity do good to people especially those in the house of believers.

He further added saying that it is not anyone’s business when one goes to church and contribute money since going to the church its everyone’s choice.

In addition, he said those against church support will face God’s judgement.

This follows the ongoing backlash the DP has been facing from other politicians who have been questioning his massive contribution to the church, there have been speculations from his political rivals that the money contributed is earning from corruption deals following the DP’s name has been linked in a number of corruption scandals involving huge amounts of money.

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