DP Ruto fires back at Raila over 21billion dam scandal


Deputy President William Ruto has responded to questions raised by Opposition leader Raila Odinga over the Ksh21billion dams scam.

Speaking during the official close of the Devolution Conference, Ruto stated that he has a ‘legitimate’ interest in the issue.

On Wednesday, while addressing the delegates present at the conference, Raila told off the DP for allegedly interfering with the investigations on the case by giving contrary information

“Don’t come and tell us that it was not Ksh.20 billion, it is only Ksh.7 billion… Who are you tell us… How did you know?” Raila affirmed.

In his response, Ruto noted: ““Yesterday the former PM asked legitimate questions about the dams and what my interest is in the dams and why I know all the figures in these dams. It a legitimate and important question.

He added that his interest is majorly anchored on the fact that the dams were key government projects, and it is his duty to keenly monitor the implementation of the government’s agenda and be watchful on the amounts spent.

Dr Ruto stated: “As deputy president I have an interest in the construction of the dams; a major interest. This is because with President Uhuru Kenyatta we put 57 dams to be constructed over the next 5 years in the manifesto of the Jubilee Party.

“It is not an accident that we are discussing the dams issue. Apart from roads and electricity, the third largest enabler of our development proposal in the Big 4 agenda is water,” Ruto explained.
Ruto went ahead to tell off the former premier, comparing his to, “a hyena asking a herdsman why he is interested in his own herd.”

Asserting that he has no problem with Raila, Ruto – amid laughter commented: ““As DP I would be reckless and have failed in my job if i don’t pay attention to numbers.

“The question I am being asked is like a hyena asking a herdsman ‘what is the interest in your herd and how do you know the number of the livestock your keeping.’ Honestly why would a herdsman not be interested in the herd and number he is keeping,” he narrated.[courtesy]

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