DP Ruto furious over MP who went into hiding with a 1 Million donation

MP who ran away with 1 million donation from DP Ruto in trouble

Kalou Member of Parliament, David Kiaraho, has found himself on the receiving end of parents’ and teachers’ wrath after he failed to deliver on a project one year later.

On November 26, 2018, a fundraiser was held to deliver desks to schools in the constituency, where Deputy President William Ruto is reported to have donated Ksh1 million.

The parents reportedly raised more than Ksh2 million with the area MP also said to have donated Ksh1 million.

Kiaraho also pledged that Ksh10 million from the constituency development fund (NG-CDF) would be set aside for the project.

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However, nearly a year later, no desk has been delivered and the parents are now accusing the MP of misappropriating the money raised.

“We had been promised that schools will get the desks on a pro-rata formula, meaning the number of desks each school was to get would be determined by the amount it contributed,” a headteacher who requested anonymity commented.

The headteacher added that there were rumours that less than Ksh2 million raised remained in the account since some of the money was used to settle bills incurred during the fundraiser.

According to another headteacher, they were under pressure from parents who were demanding to know what became of the money they collected from them but instead referred them to the MP.

When contacted by Nation, Kiaraho accused the parents and teachers of trying to politicise the project stating that project had been delayed because the NG-CDF national office was yet to sign a code list to allow his office to spend the money earmarked for the desks.

He added that once that is done, he would call for a meeting with stakeholders to agree on the cost and design.

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