Exclusive: Double entry as a Kenyan comedian “ajaabu” takes over youtube Trend in both Kenya and Tanzania


By Osman Chris, on 21st feb 2019

Humble beginnings

A Kenyan comedian, Shaffie Kapsandui chemasuet who rose from being a cast of the pranksters in 2013 is now living a king’s life thanks to his excellence success in the online content market.

ajaabu comedian in one of his recent acts featuring music star vivian

 ajaabu comedian, as popularly known has proven that beyond imagination there is an absolute goal to achieve.in late 2018  one of his you tube  gigs hit a million views on youtube in just 14 days.



Tremendously his youtube channels have become a talk of town after ,not just because of his educative comic content but just because he has ventured the youtube trend chat both in Kenya and Tanzania. In a 14th Feb valentines video, ajaabu pulls one of the best lifestyle moves and in a dramatic two of his girlfriend’s catch him up with “sidechik”

So there is a battle for who is a main chic and the drama continues.

see video below:

Ajaabu attributes the growth to consistency in production. He advises that it is easy for one to grow their earning and subscribers on youtube if they concentrate on ensuring they create good content. he also runs a news channel named ajaabu TV.

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