Exclusive lifestyle;Women make the wrong decision in choosing a man


by osman chris-8th feb 2019

Conflict in a family

It is nowadays rare to come across beautiful and hot girls who keep insisting that they want to have a man who has qualities such as being humble, caring and kind and that it is not necessarily important for a guy to be huge and muscular.

In fact, it is what a lot of ladies say whenever they sit down and have their ‘girl talks’ or when they are asked randomly. These beautiful lassies will tell you how much they are determined to only letting hardworking, non-smokers and non-drinkers.

They even tell you that they don’t mind dating ‘broke dudes’ because personality really matters to them, Imagine. Then in a while and all of a sudden boom, you note their Facebook and WhatsApp status “In a relationship” and the guy winning her is an asshole because you know him in person and all that he does. He is probably well off if not rich and also gigantic – let’s just say he is muscular.

You have a lot of what she says she wants, surprisingly she ignores you – I don’t know for whichever reasons and goes to the jerk who is missing the ‘qualities’ you think you have worked for to win a girl.
You know what? Let us just stop listening to advice from women about dating and whatever they seem to suggest because it does not work, apparently it rarely works. It is getting us nowhere – we prospective men and it absolutely confirms that women are sometimes complicated since they certainly do not know what they are talking about. There are plenty of examples to prove that if you doubt me in any way.

Here is the truth you should know, the conscious mind of a woman is doing its best to rationalize their own theories about how their genetics act. We just called them theories but actually they are hypothesis since scientists are yet to prove them. I believe attraction is not a conscious choice but a genetic reaction. If you can remember your high school Biology, a genetic reaction is one that cannot be controlled.

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