Fida Seeks Girl Infected With Herpes By Two Gospel Artistes!!!


Women’s lobby group Fida is still trying to reach out to a woman who accused gospel duo DK Kwenye Beats and  Hope Kid after infecting her with an STD.

The 20-year-old  lady accused DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid of infecting her with Herpes intentionally, something that has caused her much  trauma and anguish.

 Fida CEO Teresa Omondi said they are doing all they can to get in touch with the woman for free legal services.

“She has not reached out to us and we have not been able to get her contacts. However, we are still trying to contact her just in case she still wants to get legal assistance,” she said.

“We can only proceed with this if she has given us consent. So far, we have no instructions from her to proceed, and that means we have nothing to work with at the moment.

“As Fida, we cannot reach out to the gospel artistes to ask them if it is really true they infected the woman or not, given that such investigations are mainly carried out by the DPP.”

Asked how they came to the conclusion they would pick up this case, she said: “For us what matters is that there is a woman whose rights have been violated and she needs our assistance. In this instance, we had a lot of tags from Kenyans.

“We do NOT force or coerce someone to let us offer them legal assistance, it is a personal decision. What we mainly do is show them we are there for them in case they need our help.”

This comes few days after t DK Kwenye Beat took to social media to send his apology to his fans and the lady the 20-year-old lady who he had a sexual encounter with him and gospel artist Hope Kid and ended up being infected with Herpes.

```by Ian Oyondi `

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