form 2 girls arrested for attempted poisoning of their classmate


Three Form 2 girls from a school in Makueni County are being held by police after they allegedly planned to poison their classmate over a boyfriend fight.

According to a police report,the three had conspired to use school laboratory chemical stolen from the science laboratory at the Makueni Girls High School.

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“(One of them) was to execute the plan by lacing victim’s lunch meal with one of the chemicals namely phenolpthaline indicator while the other two kept vigil,” the report reads.

It adds that other chemicals they allegedly planned to use are hydrochloric acid, Benedict’s solution and Phenolphthalein indicator.

The Deputy Principal is said to be the one who made the call to the Makueni Police Station.According to her, the plan allegedly failed when one of them got cold feet and an argument ensued.

It is alleged that the three students had hatched the plan because of a fight over a boyfriend who is apparently a student at Makueni Boys High School.

They are currently being held at the Machakos Police Station for interrogations.

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