looming nurses strike threatens county health operations

Kenya Nation Union of Nurses deputy secretary general Maurice Opetu

Kisumu health workers on Monday threatened to boycott duty if their July and August salaries are not paid within seven days.

Their union will issue a formal statement on the matter on Tuesday where they will give the county government their ultimatum.

The threat follows last week’s meeting with the county government which Kenya Nation Union of Nurses’ deputy secretary general Maurice Opetu said yielded nothing.

Opetu said health workers have not received their pay. Some who got paid had the salaries deducted by banks to service loan penalties.

The unionist said their agreement with the county was that the regional government was to take responsibility for the penalties because it caused the delay in remittance of wages.

“We are sure that those who are yet to get the pay will suffer the same fate if they’re paid through a bank overdraft. So as it stands now, no one has been paid in Kisumu county because those that were paid the banks used the money to clear their loans,” Opetu said.

He said it was unfortunate that some counties had already paid their workers, including August salaries yet Kisumu had not.

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“We have therefore decided that we shall issue a seven-day strike notice from  September 3 for them to pay all our salaries, loans and other statutory deductions,” Opetu said.

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