Man united wheel stands in yet another defeat against the Hammers

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Just ten minutes after kickoff on another lifeless afternoon, Manchester United’s defense started raising red flags. World’s expensive defender gave Westham a rather unnecessary corner. That was the beginning of everything as the underdogs Westham had no reason to hold on, they intervened against their opponents, great heavy weights and finally their efforts did pay off.

Solskjaer’s worries just keep on filling lists where only Rashford proved a threat before staggering off with an injury later in the match.

It was an ugly snapshot as Andriy Yarmolenko’s effort gave them a lead that many suspected they won’t hold on that long to.

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The Premier League giants threw no punches whatsoever as retaliation and this in return resulted in Westham building their confidence. Aaron Creswell’s superb freekick late into the second half sealed it for Manuel Pellegrini’s men leaving De Gea hopeless as the ball brushed by his finger-tips into the top corner. Shoulders slumped, heads bowed down, this the seventh away winless match for mighty United. 3 crucial points, 2 goals, Westham have the last laugh.

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