meru beggar who earns more than sh60,000 a month


beggars are thought to be the poorest of the poor. But assumptions and appearances can be deceiving. Meet Silas Mutiria, a 59-year-old a physically handicapped man from Tharaka Constituency who has been begging in Meru town for 17 years. The father of six who lives at a near market at the boundary of Tharaka-Nithi and Meru counties, 36 kilometres from Meru town worked as a peasant farmer in Tharaka until his friend who was a beggar introduced him to the generosity of Meru people towards the beggars.

silas mutiria/meru begger

How difficult it may be working in a day, this man from Meru collects ksh 2000 daily ,with ksh50 of the days earnings going to his savings bank.mutiria the beggar, now operates two matatu vehicles that operate from Nairobi to meru in what is believed to be the earnings from kind meru residents.

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