MP’s vow to punish SRC after petitioning their house allowances


after Salaries and Remuneration Commission filed a case in court against Members of Parliament after they awarded themselves 250,000 Monthly allowances, MPs now vow to slash the commissioner’s salary giving them only a seating allowance.

This will cost the taxpayers a sum of 104 Million per month or 1.2 billion annually. The SRC wants ups to refund sh700 million which is already paid out. Src is arguing that the Sh 700 million was illegal given to MPs. 

Lat week both houses Senate and National Assembly had a kamukunji too discuss the matter where the NA speaker Justin Muturi asked the SRC to withdraw the case and solve i out of parliament.

Majority leader Of National Assembly argued on Sunday that SRC isn’t fair by giving some Monthly allowance including Speakers but slashing the member’s monthly house allowance.

Should MPS  they have their way, the current SRC commissioners will forfeit their monthly salaries and will be only entitled to a sitting allowance, which the lawmakers want pegged at Sh50,000 per session.

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