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I lean on the car window and stare far off in the distance. I am not sure whether am ready to face the day yet. If I really am, then am not ready to face the day’s occurrences. Its winter here though it’s different from the Europe one.  Here it doesn’t snow and for whatever reason, that is explained by a teacher in the primary and secondary level of school.  

I was attentive in such classes because I really yearned to touch the snow. The only way I can is either visit Mount Kenya  with  my friend  who aren’t the hiking type. I don’t want to hike up that mountain with some stranger who will choke me or leave me behind asleep. Sorry for such thoughts but it’s me being just me.

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The traffic today is  no better after the rebuilding  or whatever they are doing along Thika road. I presume some flying road or underground one will show up. May be, I just have no interest on matters of Kenya road authorities; I got enough running in my head already. It’s not like traffic will reduce anyway, people keep buying cars.

Its 8 in the morning and from a distance I can see the already smoggy city ,buildings  racing after each other towards the sky. Once in a while birds fly over them and once more the feeling of Gotham city takes over.

Its as if we are being haunted by the spirits of those who fought for our land and against  the environment pollution. Its too late now. We only got a few parks in the city, most you can’t enjoy lying around cause the moment you wake up from your nap, something is gone. 

Usually in mornings like this I prefer being silent ,a novel on my lap and headphones on. Either way I could be in deep  thought thinking of how my life has turned out.

Yes I did Psychology, wasn’t it what I wanted? To sit back and listen to people pour out their worries as I sorted them out and made them feel at ease?  Well,  I enjoy my own therapy, the morning silence and double mocha besides me. 

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Its how I clear my mind since I find it a bit weird visiting my fellow psychology. Actually Nina and I never talk about it.  Once the four of us hang out, we forget about work and its all about families.

Today though its different, I feel like I need to talk to someone. Well, I always talk to my best friend but most are the times he will sleep off and am left giving myself endless tales.

This feeling I got today is from a visit I received yesterday. People deal with lots of stuff yet look all good down there. This one is a case of assault. On such talks I always tend to feel so attached to the victim . it happened to me once and I was not going to watch people fall apart , I was going to help.

This is how I ended up being  a specialist in Interpersonal Therapy.  It sounds insane but I think from time to time you got to keep checking on those close to you.

People are falling in depression, crying behind closed doors of their homes, screaming out their mum’s names in agony. It’s a crazy world. Depression is not a disease, its something that ends with you beginning to think positive as much as you can.

Someone once told me , ‘’Lily, just keep breathing, its gonna be fine!’’Every day I live I just keep breathing and not piling things up!

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