NO MORE TWERKING!! Kush Tracey ditches secular music for gospel


AWARD WINNING secular musician Kush Tracey is the new gospel artist in town. The outspoken tv host quit secular music to what she termed as her new journey in inspiring the young people In her new genre as a Gospel Artist. In what seemed a shock to many of her fans the famous “adult” hitmaker confirmed her new spiritual status and deleted most of the naughty content on her social media accounts. The ever-serious Kush Tracey will now be seeking to win new fans in what many terms as a path to the light. Former secular musicians Amani and wahu became the trendsetters in the secular-gospel artist transitions. the ajaabu media group has established that some of her secular songs have been pulled down on her youtube channel, with our research confirming that she will be releasing a couple of gospel tunes in the near future.

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