Ommy Dimpoz is back after a long illness battle


After a whole year of struggling with throat issues, ‘Baadae ‘ hit maker Ommy Dimpoz is back from the ‘dungeons of hell’.

With a new love song titled ‘You are the Best”.For those who had lost hope in love this jam can be a reviving factor.Yes?

Lyrical Relevance

Let’s break it down.The song starts with what I believe is a Kizomba beat, then slowly shifts to Ommy’s First line,

Unaumiza roho, Kifuani ukijidekeza Umelegeza your eyes  Wanikosha roho(wanikosha roho)  Oooh my maa,,,, 
Basically he is showering his girl with praises on how beautiful she is.How the look in her eyes melts his heart.

He then adds that with her natural beauty whether in tiny top or long dress she still looks beautiful in her natural look. Uvae kitop  Au dera unapendeza Na uko natural Much much love(much much love) ooh my maa’

What woman wouldn’t want to hear such a statement from her man?

Ommy Dimpoz

When you thought it was just flattery, he goes on to remind the girl why she is best,

‘ Girl like you, girl like you Huwezi pata duniani, anayejua upendo ooh Girl like you, girl like you Wala haufanani na wale wapenda skendo oooh”

However,’Wapenda skendo” for Scandal lovers too bad for you. Ommy says you are not on the list of a good lover.

The Afro pop kizomba influence in the song gives you a reason to dance with a partner. For that, most likely the one that owns your heart for bonding purposes, as you remind them why they are the best for you.

As Ommy says at the chorus, ‘Girl you are the best I swear you are the best Girl you are the best I swear you are the best love me, love me wangu baby aah

In the last verse Mr.Dimpoz continues telling us how the girl in the picture is the commander in chief of his heart and he can not stop drooling over her.

‘Jeshi la penzi sio mgambo Kakupa chair Commando Umeniteka umeniweka tero(yeah) Simezi mate koromelo (Mate koromelo)’


Produced by Rockstar Africa Ommy dimpoz reminds you that you are the best.

Despite his fallback Ommy Dimpoz has proven that you can fall and still stand and be the best.

With continued embrace from fans and hard-work on his part, Ommy dimpoz still has his niche in the music. For rating purposes the song gets 6/10 from us.

Below is the link enjoy!

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