Oscar sudi sends blazing attacks on Uhuru Kenyatta

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Kapsiret MP Oscar Sudi

Kapsiret MP Oscar Sudi yesterday said President Uhuru Kenyatta is unable to lead the country and should quit to pave the way for new leadership. 

Sudi said Uhuru’s relationship with DP William Ruto has ended and they are engaging in a fake political union. He told Ruto to stop pretending over his relationship with the President as “no one can believe it anymore”.  

Uhuru has turned against his own friends and supporters in Jubilee, the MP said, adding that the President is sacrificing them in the name of fighting corruption. 

He said former President Mwai Kibaki was better by far as a leader even though he served while sick. “Even Moi was far better. This Jubilee government is useless and has messed up Kenyans.” 

Speaking at a press conference at his home in Eldoret, he said he would make a better President. He asked Uhuru to step down “for me to lead the country to the right direction”.

“Within three months, I can do better. I will get a deputy like Moses Kuria and we will perform better.” 

The MP said Uhuru is engaging in sideshows in the war on graft “because even his Big Four agenda has failed”. He accused the head of state of being unable to meet Jubilee MPs and failing to resolve the row on the Division of Revenue Bill. 

Sudi said Uhuru is using and dumping hardworking people such as former Treasury CS Henry Rotich and PS Kamau Thugge.

Uhuru family’s wealth is unrealistic and ill-gotten, he said, adding that Rotich and Thugge are “innocent sacrificial lambs”. 

He said Kikuyus and Kalenjins were paying a heavy price for backing Uhuru and Ruto. 

Uhuru is corrupt and is instead branding others as corrupt, he said.

Sudi alleged that the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal is a political gimmick targeting the Kalenjin community. 

“They wanted the two projects to collapse and I can now assure our people that Arror and Kimwarer are dead projects.”

Uhuru and Ruto should have sorted out their problem on their own “instead of the current situation where the President is sacrificing the Kalenjin community”.

“I have asked the President to forgive Kalenjins if we offended him but now I have to speak the truth.” 

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