vera sidika launches a new yellow yellow man


We all know that Vera Sidika, whom many of Kenyans refer to as Shikuku Shikwekwe due to her “luhya” genetics, has always left her followers with something to talk about.

After her blistering and histrionic split from Otile Brown, the intrepid socialite has moved on to yet another ripe-ripe, white-white, yellow-yellow mzinja. The chap is not new to anybody who follows Shikwekwe on instagram, but he has been a regular eye candy for those who follow her.

The instadialects that she posted and we managed to see, she is seen chitchatting with her man and keeling over him. In the images, Vera can be seen flattering and we are left to wonder, is this man a king!!!

See the chit chat below:

chris osman

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