Wamlambez,Tetema banned from public consuption,Ezekiel Mutua says lyrics very obscene

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KFCB Boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has banned popular hit songs Tetema and Wamlambez from being played anywhere outside clubs and bars. The two songs from East Africa are big hits in the region. Tetema by Diamond Platinumz featuring Rayvanny has garnered 27 million views on Youtube alone.

Wamlambez on the other hand, written by our own countrymen Sailors has been described by some as a uniting force in the country. The wamlambez wave hit the country four months ago and many have vouched for its inclusion in the national anthem. The song has 3.4 million views on Youtube so far and even had an online challenge named after it that broke the internet.

Kenya Film Classification Board have categorically stated that the reason for the ban is that the lyrics to the widely popular songs are pornographic in nature. According to Mutua, it is embarrassing to hear even national leaders singing along to the profane coded lyrics in those songs.

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