“We will not elect you because your father was a president,wewe hata choo hujajenga kwenu”Senator Kipchumba murkomen tells Gideon Moi

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kichumba Murkomen. He has accused Baringo Senator Gideon Moi of leaving his mandate to represent the people of Baringo to him. PHOTO/COURTESY

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has hit out at Baringo Senator Gideon Moi for neglecting his duties as the Senator of Baringo saying that he had been mandated with voicing out the needs of Baringo people in the Senate.

Speaking on Saturday in Sandai, Baringo South during the burial ceremony for Teriki Kamuren, mother to the area MP Charles Kamuren Murkomen accused the son of Moi of being an absentee in both the Senate and his own county to hear the needs of his people.

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Murkomen also accused Tiaty MP William Kamket of politicking with no track records in his constituency.

“I really need your support as the people of Baringo. For a long time, I’ve been the acting Senator for Baringo County because every time I come to Baringo and when looking for an amicable solution to issues of insecurity, I cannot find him and when I’m in Bunge, I also don’t find him there,” claimed Murkomen.

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Murkomen further requested Senator Moi to ‘tame’ his mouthpiece Tiaty MP William Kamket and help him find a long term solution to cattle theft that has escalated in Baringo for a long time.

He accused the vocal Kanu MP of going round attacking the DP when his own backyard was ailing from frequent cattle rustling menace.

“We can differ in politics but you were elected to represent the people of Tiaty. Instead of going round the country insulting the Deputy President, you should be busy taking your people to school to give them an alternative source of livelihood so they may shun cattle rustling.

Murkome’s remarks came just hours after he completed a three-day peace meeting between the Pokot and his Marakwet people at Kiptulel Ward, Sigor Constituency in West Pokot.

Murkomen who was accompanied by Oscar Sudi and other leaders from the two regions had taken upon themselves to mediate and bridge peace between the warring communities of Pokot and Marakwet in the volatile region of Kerio Valley.

KANU party led by Gideon Moi is set to lose thousands of followers as Pokot community ‘Kingpin’ and governor of ‘West’ Prof. John Lonyangapuo recently indicated that he had packed his luggage to follow Dp William Ruto.

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Turkana Governor John Longanyapuo (courtesy)

Recently, the humorous governor missed a big event at Kabarak University and instead hosted the hustler in his county. In a past event, he has been quoted praising Jubilee administration for vast development projects in his county, mentioning William Ruto as the guy who took the initiatives, rubbishing other leaders ‘who have brought nothing.

“Wengine wanazunguka, wameleta nini hapa. Kama huleti kitu, kaa na mama yako”, hilarious Lonyangapuo said in Swahili dialect.

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