why Kenyans are all dancing to the tune “WAMLAMBEZ”

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Wamlambez  by the sailors has been considered as a song to be uniting Kenyans more than any other thing this came after a video made rounds on social media after some of the resident shouted Wamlambez and the rest follow with the response wamnyoyez.

On Sunday Kenyans on twitter took their time to speak of the third generation song with #Wamlambez.

“I remember playing a few friends of mine Wamlambez a couple of months back and telling them this was the wave. They were so confused Music is energy” Nick Mutuma Tweeted

The song Wamlambez  talks on each member of the gang how he deals with ladies.  This song gave the group many interviews and media songs including Inooro Tv, Chipukizeey Show on Ebru tv, and Switch Tv Happy Hour.

This Kind of music has been ruling the airwaves with new mwmbwers of this kind of music Ochuoglo Family, Ethic and many more.

The Sailors group consist of :Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung, Qoqosjuma., The group recently released a new track Pekejeng  published on the Mwalimu Rachel Tv who manages the group of Youngsters 

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