Why Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro is a wanted man by the Police

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A church fundraiser has turned chaotic at Gitui Catholic Church in Murang’a County after Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro stormed in and vowed to preside over the ceremony which was attended by Jubilee Party leaders affiliated to the Kieleweke faction.

Mr Nyoro belongs to the Tangatanga faction which roots for Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

The Kiharu MP arrived late for the Sunday function after the over 20 members allied to Kieleweke had taken their seats.

He found nominated MP Maina Kamanda introducing his team and waited for his turn.INVITE GUESTS

But when he took over the microphone, Mr Nyoro said he was the area MP and hence would be the one to invite the guests to speak, a move that was objected to by Mr Kamanda.

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The MP castigated Mr Kamanda, maintaining that he would not leave the podium.

“I can’t allow people from Nairobi to come and take over my constituency as if they know this area. I am an elected leader and I tell Mr Kamanda to his face that let them produce the list of the guests so that I can invite them,” Mr Nyoro maintained.


At this point, Mr Kamanda stood up prompting County Police Commander Josephat Kinyua to move to the podium where Mr Nyoro was.

Chaos then erupted as Mr Nyoro’s supporters, who thought he was being arrested, rushed to his side and the church became unruly for about ten minutes.

Church leaders desperately tried to calm the chaotic congregation.

The priest in charge, Fr John Kibuuru, tried to calm the situation but the congregation was divided between Mr Nyoro and Mr Kamanda and his team.

“I urge you in the name of God to be orderly. It has never reached this situation and I plead with you to maintain calm,” Fr Kibuuru pleaded.

Calm was restored after about 10 minutes.

Those who supported Mr Kamanda said it was the Kieleweke team who had been invited and not Mr Nyoro and that the Kiharu MP had no moral authority to preside over the event.

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