Why your sperms are not healthy,its because of this…………..

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A lot of factors leading to men’s fertility are in their control. When taking care of one’s general health, it is important to keep in mind the good habits and choices necessary for keeping the sperm healthy as well.

Here are sure ways to ensure fertility:

Go slow on the alcohol

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Whereas the theme for this time of the year is ‘parte after parte’, go slow on the alcohol intake. While alcohol intake has no effect on sperm health, excessive consumption is bound to affect your sexual health in general.

Stop Smoking

Tobacco wrecks your manhood. First and foremost it slows down you sperms making them less mobile. Evidence shows that it exposes your partner to a higher risk of miscarriage by corroding the DNA in your sperm. This makes you more infertile.

Avoid Junk Food

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For the sake of your fertility, take in more fruits and vegetables and keep a clean diet. The preservatives, sugar and fat in junk food are not good for your sperm health. The vitamins in fruits are healthy.

Marijuana is your worst friend

Weed is still illegal in the country. It would, however, be ignorant to claim that people don’t smoke it. It lowers your body’s hormone levels and decreases your sperm count.

Take a cold shower

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While the occasional hot shower feels heavenly especially in the current cold weather, men are advised to take cold showers. Exposing your testicles to a high level of heat can lead to fertility problems.

Keep away from steroids

Performance enhancement drugs are bad for you if you are trying to start a family. Using testosterone shuts down your body’s natural production of the hormone, which then shuts down sperm production.

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