William Ruto’s controversial Tweet that was deleted seconds after uploading

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Deputy President William Ruto, on Tuesday, sent out a controversial tweet and deleted it immediately after.

However, netizens on patrol quickly grabbed a screenshot of the message he had shared regardingthe Standard media.

“Why would Standard media have such hate and venom as to call Kenyans cronies,” his deleted post stated.

A screenshot of DP William Ruto's Deleted Tweet
A screenshot of DP William Ruto’s deleted Tweet

He also posted a small image of the newspaper’s front page that had referred to his allies as cronies.

“ODM leader warns deputy president and his cronies they risk being swept by political storm if they oppose law reforms proposed by the BBI team,” stated the Standard newspaper dated August 26, 2019.

The original Article of the standard newspaper that William Ruto Deleted upon uploading on twitter

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the term crony refers to a friend or a person who works for someone in authority, especially one who is willing to give and receive dishonest help.

The deputy president’s latest disagreement with the media house comes barely a week since he blasted them over what he referred to as misleading and alarmist reporting.

“The headline of this article by the Standard Newspaper is misleading and sensationalist. It is clearly meant to cause disaffection and push a narrative that only the Standard knows,” he tweeted on August 18, 2019.

DP Ruto then added that the media had been tasked with providing objective and impartial news.

“It is imperative that media should be guided by accuracy, truth and fair reporting,” he remarked, going on to question the motive behind such controversial articles.

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