“Yes i cheated on my wife”kenyan actor admits publicly

Terence and Wife (Parents Magazine)

After months of going back and forth, Terence Creative who is known for his Kamami skit has finally admitted that he cheated on his wife Milly Chebby.

This was in a Q&A session with fans.

“Is it true you cheated on Milly Chebby?” a curious fan sought to find out.

“Yes, I did and through it I’ve learned my lesson, Milly and will talk about it someday,” he said.

Terrence’s post (Instagram)

A fan also wanted to know why he cheated on Milly Chebby and yet she is a good woman. Terence blamed the devil for his transgressions by writing “Shetani huja kwa njia mingi, ashindwe kabisaa.Akii sitarudia tena.”

Terrence’s post (Instagram)

As Terence came clean, his mpango wa kando Anita Soina who has been demonized for months finally spoke her truth.

In an interview with Edgar Obare, she revealed that Terence was not her sponsor, she was in love with him.

Anita Soina (Instagram)

“He wasn’t a sponsor, I’ve never had a sponsor. If I didn’t love him, tungesema ni sponsor. If there were no feelings if I was just there for money, haingekuwa that way,” she admitted.

“Does he feel the same way about you?” Edgar sought to find out.

“I don’t know,” she said as she teared up before admitting that Terence had admitted to loving her.


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