“Yes some people want me assasinated”DP Ruto confirms

DP Ruto EXPOSED for his continuous lies on live TV

Deputy President William Ruto, on Sunday evening, spoke about his alleged assassination plot for the first time in public.

During an interview with K24 TV‘s Anne Kiguta, on her new show, Punchline, Ruto disclosed that he had raised the matter with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He, however, declined to reveal the contents of their discussion with the head of state. 

“As you sit before the entire nation this evening, there is one question on every Kenyan’s mind. Do you believe that there are forces within the government, in which you lead and serve, that are planning to assassinate you?” Ms Kiguta posed. 

“The matter that you have asked is a matter I have discussed with my boss and it is not for discussion outside me and my boss,” he answered. 

The journalist tried to push him to open up but her efforts hit a stone wall as the DP avoided delving into the issue. 

“How can you say that? You are the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya. You’re not in a personal capacity facing this challenge. Millions voted for you, certainly those who support you and the rest of the country, have a right to know if the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya’s life is in danger,” she insisted.

“I have told you, that is not a matter that we are going to prosecute in a TV interview,” Ruto maintained.

“We are not prosecuting it. This is a matter that is already in the public domain. Are you aware of forces that are trying to eliminate you?” Ms Kiguta. 

“I’m sorry Anne you will not get very far with that question,” the DP adamantly responded. 

“Do you think it’s fair to keep Kenyans apprehensive about the safety of a man who millions have voted for more than once?” the host wondered. 

“I have told you on that matter, it doesn’t matter how you ask, I’ve answered that question and that’s how it’s going to be,” responded Ruto.

“When did you have this discussion with the president, without getting into it? Is it something you perhaps have talked a few months ago? Is it as recent as when it hit headlines?” Anne posed.

“Discussions between me and the president are private and I’ve told you, Anne, that I’ve answered that question,” he explained.

Ms Kuguta then posed a question about the author of the assassination letter and the intention, to which the DP responded that it was already under investigation. 

“When former Gem MP, Jakoyo Midiwo, in April 2012, claimed that ODM leader Raila Odinga’s life was in danger, within the same month, at least 60 additional police officers were deployed to safeguard Raila Odinga’s life. Has there been any adjustments to your security detail?” the Punchline host asked.

“I guess that is a matter for my head of security to answer, I’m not aware of any such movement,” Ruto spoke. 

Concluding the issue on the alleged assassination, Ruto spoke about what should be done if the claims are found to be false. 

“We are in a country that is based on the rule of law. I guess every citizen must be held to account legally and constitutionally for whatever they say and whatever actions they carry out. 

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